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Story telling artistic designs that connect;
Inspiration, Pride & Self-Identity

“It all began after hearing a song called “Natural Mystic” by Bob Marley. I was hypnotized by the song and driven to it completely It made me want to draw Bob Marley. The result was a unique portrait of Bob, one like no other that I’s seen before. Afterwards, I watched a movie of Gandhi. Inspired by the amazing peace icon I decided to illustrate him too. A friend later on told me that he would love to wear my designs on t-shirts, and that was is when the idea hit-me! My art on T-shirts” – Felipe Urteaga.

Strongly influenced by today’s pop culture; Sickindividual’s intellectual artistic designs empower social justice by honoring legends who have positively contributed to the world. We refer to these legends as ‘Sickindividuals’ and prior to each design we research their biography in detail to illustrate their true personality, lifestyle and ideologies. Our original designs are driven by culture, music, sports & art, and as T-shirt artistic junkies we want to change the rules of the game. 

Each design is a research of its own. The artist, Felipe Urteaga, thinks of each T-shirt as a canvas where he will paint something that captures attention. Something that has a message. He imagines each one of his T shirts hanging in a gallery room. Indeed, it is passion, and it is the reason why the concept behind Sickindividual is completely unique, different and exciting. 
We don't comfort ourselves with having just a good design. We want the design to mean something. We want the design to be deep and grasp the mind.



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